• Beef - Portland Portion

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1006.5 T-Bone p/Kg
    1025.5 Rib Steak p/Kg
    8500.15 Tenderloin 10-pack 150grm Each
    8500.16 Tenderloin 8-pack 160grm Each
    8500.18 Tenderloin 8-pack 180grm Each
    8500.2 Tenderloin 8-pack 200grm Each
    8500.22 Tenderloin 8-pack 220grm Each
    8500.25 Tenderloin 6-pack 250grm Each
    8500.3 Tenderloin 6-pack 300grm Each
    8600.15 Striploin 10-pack 150grm Each
    8600.18 Striploin 10-pack 180grm Each
    8600.2 Striploin 5-pack 200grm Each
    8600.25 Striploin 5-pack 250grm Each
    8600.3 Striploin 5-pack 300grm Each
    8600.35 Striploin 4-pack 350grm Each
    8600.4 Striploin 4-pack 400grm Each
    8700.1 Cube Roll 10-pack 100grm Each
    8700.12 Cube Roll 6-pack 120grm Each
    8700.15 Cube Roll 6-pack 150grm Each
    8700.18 Cube Roll 6-pack 180grm Each
    8700.2 Cube Roll 6-pack 200grm Each
    8700.25 Cube Roll 6-pack 250grm Each
    8700.3 Cube Roll 6-pack 300grm Each
    8700.35 Cube Roll 6-pack 350grm Each
    8900 Rump 1-pack 1kg Each
    8900 Rump 6-pack 200grm Each
    8900 Rump 6-pack 250grm Each
    8900 Rump 6-pack 300grm Each
    8900 Rump 6-pack 350grm Each
    8900.18 Rump 6-pack 180grm Each
    8900.4 Rump 2-pack 400grm Each
    8900.5 Rump 2-pack 500grm Each
    8900.6 Rump 2-pack 600-grm Each
    8900.7 Rump 1-pack 700grm Each
  • Beef - Portland Beef

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1002.15 Portland Tenderloin p/Kg
    1003.15 Striploin p/Kg
    1004.2 Cube Roll p/Kg
    1005.2 Rump p/Kg
    1005.4 Rump Cap p/Kg
  • Beef - Wagyu

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1013.6 Waygu Mince p/Kg
    1070 Rump p/Kg
    1073 Striploin p/Kg
    1076 Topside p/Kg
  • Beef - Black Angus

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1002.99 Tenderloin p/Kg
    1003.99 Striploin p/Kg
    1004.99 Cube Roll p/Kg
    1005.99 Rump p/Kg
    1013.7 Mince p/Kg
  • Beef - Yearling

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1007.1 Topside YG p/Kg
    1007.6 Topside Denuded p/Kg
    1008.1 Buttock p/Kg
    1008.2 Buttock Sliced p/Kg
    1010.1 Diced p/Kg
    1011 Blade p/Kg
    1012 Gravy Beef p/Kg
    1013 Mince p/Kg
    1013.1 Topside Mince p/Kg
    1014 Osso Buco p/Kg
    1016 Soup Bones p/Kg
    1017 Silverside Pickled p/Kg
    1019 Schnitzel Yearling p/Kg
    1020 Steak & Kidney p/Kg
    1021 Skirt Steak p/Kg
    1022 Sandwich Steaks p/Kg
    1023 Stroganoff p/Kg
    1024 Girello p/Kg
    1024.1 Pickled Girello p/Kg
    1026 Spare Ribs p/Kg
    1033 Chuck Steak p/Kg
  • Beef - Portion Control S/OX

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    8102.1 Cube Roll 10-pack 100grm Each
    8102.12 Cube Roll 6-pack 120grm Each
    8102.15 Cube Roll 6-pack 150grm Each
    8102.18 Cube Roll 6-pack 180grm Each
    8102.2 Cube Roll 6-pack 200grm Each
    8102.25 Cube Roll 6-pack 250grm Each
    8102.3 Cube Roll 6-pack 300grm Each
    8103 Rump 6-pack 300grm Each
    8103.18 Rump 6-pack 180grm Each
    8103.2 Rump 6-pack 200grm Each
    8103.25 Rump 6-pack 250grm Each
    8103.35 Rump 6-pack 350grm Each
    8103.4 Rump 2-pack 400grm Each
    8103.5 Rump 2-pack 500grm Each
    8105.1 Grass Fed Tenderloin 6-pack 300grm Each
    8105.15 Grass Fed Tenderloin 10-pack 150grm Each
    8105.18 Grass Fed Tenderloin 8-pack 180grm Each
    8105.2 Grass Fed Tenderloin 8-pack 200grm Each
    8105.22 Grass Fed Tenderloin 8-pack 220grm Each
    8105.25 Grass Fed Tenderloin 6-pack 250grm Each
    8105.7 Grass Fed Tenderloin 20-pack 100grm Each
  • Beef - Grass Fed S/OX

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1001.9 Oyster Blade Sliced p/Kg
    1002 Tenderloin p/Kg
    1003 Striploin p/Kg
    1004 Cuberoll p/Kg
    1005 Rump p/Kg
    1006 T-bone p/Kg
    1006.3 Sirloin On Bone p/Kg
    1007 Topside p/Kg
    1007.7 Topside Denuded p/Kg
    1008 Buttock p/Kg
    1008.33 Eye Knuckle Medal p/Kg
    1009 Silverside p/Kg
    1010 Diced Steak p/Kg
    1011.7 Blade p/Kg
    1015 Stand/Wing/Rib p/Kg
    1022.5 BBQ Strip Ends p/Kg
    1025 Rib Steaks p/Kg
    8104.15 Striploin 10-pack 150grm Each
    8104.18 Striploin 10-pack 180grm Each
    8104.2 Striploin 5-pack 200grm Each
    8104.25 Striploin 5-pack 250grm Each
    8104.3 Striploin 5-pack 300grm Each
    8104.35 Striploin 4-pack 350grm Each
    8104.4 Striploin 4-pack 400grm Each

Pork & Moisture Infused Pork

Lamb & Veal

  • Lamb & Veal - Simply Classic - Lamb

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    3047.5 Schnitzel (B.V) p/Kg
    3055.5 Cutlets Vealer p/Kg
    3050.5 Shanks Frenched 5-pack Each
    4072.13 Backstraps (DND) 5-pack 180grm Each
    4072.14 Backstraps (DND) 5-pack 200grm Each
    4072.15 Backstraps (DND) 5-pack 220grm Each
    4076.5 Rump 10-pack 180grm Each
  • Lamb & Veal - Veal

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    3031 Veal Meat Balls p/Kg
    3044 Backstraps p/Kg
    3044.1 Backstrap DND p/Kg
    3045 Diced Veal p/Kg
    3046.1 Boneless Legs B/Rolled p/Kg
    3047.1 Schnitzel Crumbed p/Kg
    3047.2 Vealer Schnitzel p/Kg
    3048 Minced p/Kg
    3050 Shank French Each
    3051 Tenderloin BV p/Kg
    3051.2 Tenderloin Vealer p/Kg
    3052 Pan Slices p/Kg
    3053 Veal Loin p/Kg
    3053.2 Loin On Bone p/Kg
    3053.3 Loin (Vealer) (DND) p/Kg
    3054 BV Topside DND p/Kg
    3055 Veal Cutlets BV p/Kg
    3055.2 Vealer Cutlet p/Kg
    3056 Osso Buco BV p/Kg
    3056.1 Osso Buco Vealer p/Kg
    3057 Veal Bones p/Kg
    3059 Veal Medallions p/Kg
    3047 Schnitzel 10-pack 185grm Each
    3047 Schnitzel 10-pack 165grm Each
    3047 Schnitzel 10-pack 135grm Each
  • Lamb & Veal - Lamb

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    4058 Leg On Bone p/Kg
    4058.2 Leg Boned and Rolled p/Kg
    4058.7 Easycut Lamb Legs p/Kg
    4059.X Racks X Each
    4060 Loin Chops p/Kg
    4062 F 1/4 Chops p/Kg
    4063 Stroganoff p/Kg
    4064 Shoulder p/Kg
    4064.1 Shoulder Boned and Rolled p/Kg
    4064.3 Lamb Scotch p/Kg
    4065 Diced Lamb p/Kg
    4065.4 Diced Lamb Shoulder p/Kg
    4066.1 Bulk Lamb Shanks p/Kg
    4066.7 Bushman Shanks p/Kg
    4069 Tenderloins p/Kg
    4070 Noisettes p/Kg
    4070.2 Lamb Noisettes Glued p/Kg
    4071 Minced p/Kg
    4072 Straps p/Kg
    4072.2 Straps DND p/Kg
    4073 Chump Chops p/Kg
    4074 Bones p/Kg
    4076 Lamb Rump DND p/Kg
    4076.2 Lamb Rump Cap On p/Kg
    4077 Steaks p/Kg
    4092 Lamb Kebabs p/Kg
    4102 Lamb Spare Ribs p/Kg
    4061 Cutlets 30-pack Each
    4061 Cutlets 20-pack Each
    4066 Shanks Jointed 5-pack Each
    4066.5 Shanks French 5-pack Each
    4066.6 Shanks Whole 5-pack Each
    4082.1 Lamborghini Burgers 30-pack 200grm Each

Poultry & Game

  • Poultry & Game - Vension

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    9142.1 Butt Cuts Venison p/Kg
    9146 Vension Tenderloin p/Kg
  • Poultry & Game - Duck

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    7122 Whole p/Kg
    7122.1 Fillet p/Kg
    7122.4 Maryland p/Kg
  • Poultry & Game - Turkey

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    7120 Turkey Whole p/Kg
    7120.1 Turkey Breast Fillet p/Kg
    7121 Turkey Buffet p/Kg
  • Poultry & Game - Poultry

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    7116 Chicken (Whole) p/Kg
    7116.1 Boiler Chickens p/Kg
    7116.2 Smoked Chicken p/Kg
    7116.4 Corn Fed Chickens p/Kg
    7117 Chicken Fillets p/Kg
    7117.1 Chicken Fillet S/less p/Kg
    7117.2 Smoked Fillet p/Kg
    7117.4 Crumbed Schnitzel p/Kg
    7117.6 Chicken Stroganoff p/Kg
    7118 Maryland p/Kg
    7118.1 Maryland Boned p/Kg
    7118.2 Maryland Boned/Skun p/Kg
    7119 Wings p/Kg
    7119.1 Drumettes p/Kg
    7119.5 Wingettes p/Kg
    7123 Chicken Bones p/Kg
    7124 Chicken Diced p/Kg
    7125 Chicken Drumsticks p/Kg
    7126 Chicken Mince p/Kg
    7128 Pousons Each
    7129 Chicken Kiev Cut p/Kg
    7129.1 Chicken Kiev Cut SL p/Kg
    7130 Chicken Chops p/Kg
    7132 Chicken Thighs p/Kg
    7132.1 Thighs Boned p/Kg
    7132.2 Thighs B & S p/Kg
    7133 Chicken Tenderloin p/Kg
    7133.1 Tenderloin Crumbed p/Kg
    7136 Squabs p/Kg
    7140 Chicken Kebabs p/Kg
    7141 Spatchcocks Each
    7201.2 Frozen Chicken Schnitzel Each
    7202 H/Made Garlic Kiev Each
  • Poultry & Game - Game

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    10145.1 Crocodile Tail Fillets Each
    10146 Emu p/Kg
    10147 Kangaroo Sirloin p/Kg
    10148 Quails Each
    10148.1 Quails Boned Each
    10150 Pheasant p/Kg


CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
5075 Lambs Fry p/Kg
5075.1 Lambs Fry Sliced p/Kg
5076 Lambs Kidney p/Kg
5076.1 Diced Lamb Kidneys p/Kg
5077 Ox Kidney p/Kg
5077.1 Ox Kidney Diced p/Kg
5078 Ox Tongue p/Kg
5079 Brains Each
5080 Ox Tails p/Kg
5081 Ox Honeycomb Tripe p/Kg
5082 Calf Liver p/Kg
5083 Sweet Breads p/Kg
5084 Chicken Liver p/Kg
5089 Caul Fat p/Kg
5090 Duck Liver p/Kg
5092.1 Ox Cheek Clean p/Kg
5094 Speck p/Kg
5096 Suet p/Kg
5098 Sheep Hearts Each


  • Fish - Smoked-Salted & Marinated Seafood

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Rainbow Trout Smoked whole Each
    Smoked Salmon "A Grade" fresh button Each
    Smoked Salmon "A Grade" frozen huon Each
    Mussels Plain Each
    Marinated Mussels Garlic Each
    Smoked Eels Whole (Fresh/Frozen) Each
    Smoked Cod(Sth African) 8/12 oz Each
    Smoked Cod(Bacahlau) butterflied (Portugal) Each
    White Anchony Fillet (imported Italy) fresh Each
    Morocco Anchovy Fillet(imported) Each
  • Fish - Oysters

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Oysters-Opened plate-size, farmed Each
    Oysters-Closed(Live) plate size, farmed Each
    Oysters-Opened plate size, frozen Each
  • Fish - Stock

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Fish Bones (for fresh stock) Each
  • Fish - Frozen

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Basa170 - 220g(Imported) Each
    Flathead(S/B) 2/4 (Imported) Each
    Dory Oreo (skinless) 115-175 g (New Zealand) Each
    Flake large Each
    Blue Whiting 4/6 (New Zealand) Each
  • Fish - Crustaceans & Molluscs

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    U10 Cooked Tiger Prawns Each
    Raw Prawns U8 Each
    Shrimp Each
    Blue Swimmer Crabs fresh Each
    Victorian Mussels Portarlington Each
    Harvey Bay (QLD) Scallops on 1/2 shell Each
    Scallop 30/40 IQF (Frozen Import) Each
    Scallop Meat (VIC) (Frozen) Each
    Strawberry Surf Clams (SA) Each
    Pippies (Imported Vietnam) Each
    Pippies Local (VIC) 1kg Each
    Bugs-Raw frozen Each
    Octapus large (SA) Each
    Cockles (NSW) Each
    Cray Tails (WA) raw Each
    Suid N/Z 5 units tube Each
    Squid Tenticles large - raw (10kg carton) Each
  • Fish - Whole Fish

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Atlantic Salmon scaled & gutted Each
    Baby Snapper NZ line caught, plate size Each
    Barramundi Large scaled & gutted Each
    Baby Barramundi (salt water farmed) plate size Each
    Flounders "Fresh" plate size Each
    Ocean Trout scaled & gutted Each
    Rainbow Trout gutted Each
    White Bait (fresh/frozen) Each
    Silver Whiting (Uncleaned) frozen Each
    Silver Fish Whole (Glassies) frozen Each
    Sardines Whole Each
  • Fish - Fresh Fillet

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    Atlantic Salmon Skinless pin-boned Sashimi Grade Each
    Atlantic Salmon pin-boned Sashimi Grade Each
    Barramundi Farmed wing off Each
    Blue Grenadier Each
    Flake skinless/fresh Each
    Flathead skinless & boneless fillet (tigers) Each
    Ocean Trout Farmed wing off pin boned Each
    Ocean Trout Farmed skinless pin boned Each
    Rainbow Trout Each
    Rockling skinless (line caught) Each
    Y.Fin Tuna skinless - cooking grade (vac pac) Each
    Coral Perch skinless & boneless Each
    King Dory skinless Each
    Sea Perch/Orange Roughy skinless Each
    Trevally Black Each
    Snapper Fillet skinless & boneless (East Coast N.Z.) Each
    King George Whiting (SA) large Each
    Sardine Fillets (butterflied) - frozen Each
    Monfish skinless & boneless Each
    Blue Eye Fillet wing off, line caught Each
    Swordfish skinless loins Each
    Black Bream skinless Each


Smallgoods, Sausages & Burgers

  • Smallgoods, Sausages & Burgers - Burgers/Rissoles

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    1032.2 Wagyu Burgers Each
    1032.89 Veggie Burgers Each
    1035 Seasoned Rissoles Each
    1032 Bruno Burger box-of-48 100grm p/Kg
    1032.1 Angel Burger box-of-45 180grm Each
    1032.1 Angel Burger box-of-60 120grm Each
    1032.1 Angel Burger box-of-63 100grm Each
    1032.18 Pre-Cooked Burgers box-of-45 180grm Each
    1032.12 Pre-Cooked Burgers box-of-60 120grm Each
  • Smallgoods, Sausages & Burgers - Sausages

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    10147.3 Kangaroo Sausages p/Kg
    6086 Sausage Meat p/Kg
    6087 Sausages Thin p/Kg
    6087.1 Sausage Thin Blnch'd p/Kg
    6088 Sausage Thick p/Kg
    6088.1 Sausage Thick Blnch'd p/Kg
    6089.1 Cocktail Franks S/L p/Kg
    6102.1 Bratwurst Chips p/Kg
    6102.5 Bratwurst (Thick) p/Kg
    6108.1 Frankfurts Skinless p/Kg
    6110 Spicy Sausages p/Kg
    6111 Chippolatas p/Kg
    6119 Porky Pine p/Kg
    6121 Chorizo p/Kg
    6122 Chicken Sausages p/Kg
    6122.1 Chicken Chipolatas p/Kg
    6127 English Pork p/Kg
    6128 Lamb & Rosemary p/Kg
    6196 Kransky p/Kg
    9143 Venison Sausages p/Kg
  • Smallgoods, Sausages & Burgers - Smallgoods

    CODE Product Packaging Portion Unit
    5074 Black Pudding p/Kg
    6002 Eggs Each
    6003 Onions p/Kg
    6070 Salami Cal. p/Kg
    6070.1 Salami Cal (SL) p/Kg
    6090 Strasburg p/Kg
    6090.1 Strasburg (SL) p/Kg
    6091 Cooked Silverside p/Kg
    6091.1 Cooked Silverside (SL) p/Kg
    6092 Ham Easycut p/Kg
    6093.1 Bacon Diced p/Kg
    6094 Bacon R/Less p/Kg
    6095 Ham On Bone p/Kg
    6097 Shoulder Ham p/Kg
    6097.1 Shoulder Ham (SL) p/Kg
    6098 Ham Steak p/Kg
    6098.1 Ham Steak SL p/Kg
    6099 Salami Hun. p/Kg
    6099.1 Salami Hun. (SL) p/Kg
    6100 Kassler p/Kg
    6101 Prosciutto p/Kg
    6101.1 Prosciutto Sliced p/Kg
    6103 Kabana p/Kg
    6106 Pastrami p/Kg
    6106.1 Pastrami Sliced p/Kg
    6107 Kaiser Flesh p/Kg
    6112 Virginia Ham p/Kg
    6112.1 Virginia Ham (Sliced) p/Kg
    6113 Capocollo p/Kg
    6114 Pancetta p/Kg
    6114.1 Pancetta SL. p/Kg
    6116 Cotechino p/Kg
    6117 Gypsy Ham p/Kg
    6140 Mini Christmas Ham p/Kg
    6112.3 Special Ham Each