* Please note that CWB has a large range of Seafood available to find out more information please contact our sales team.

  • Generally prawns will be sold in one of the following forms depending on customer requirements and whether frozen or fresh, cooked or green (raw):
    • Green/Fresh packed in Styrofoam box
    • Cooked/Fresh packed in Styrofoam box
    • Green/Frozen packed in a Cardboard box
    • Cooked/Frozen packed in a Cardboard box
  • Styrofoam boxes come in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg boxes for fresh, and 5kg and 10kg boxes for frozen.
  • We has the ability to continually supply frozen product to all markets all year round.
  • Our Black Tiger Prawns are recognized as a delicacy with their firm flesh and fresh succulent taste.