Moisture Infused Pork

What is Moisture Infused Pork (M.I Pork)?

M.I Pork has been developed to provide high quality Pork with improved holding and eating quality.

As Pork has grown significantly in consumption in Australia, there has been increased development of new brands and offering from the Pork industry. M.I is the latest product innovation which will provide an additional choice of excellent quality product to those in Food Service looking for it’s particular taste and holding qualities.

It is fresh Pork that has been infused and processed with a solution of water and salt.

The resulting meat is juicier, more tender and more flavoursome, and is easier to cook with out drying out.

M.I Pork is now starting to become widely available from Pork suppliers in both food service and retail markets.

Australian Pork has worked with suppliers and retailers to develop the best product.

In retail, Australian Pork believes that M.I products will be identified to consumers so it is differentiated from fresh non M.I meat. In Food Service, consumers are aware that the meat is being prepared and thus the meat does not have to be identified on menu’s etc as M.I.

What Benefits are there for M.I Pork?

Tenderness, Moisture and Flavour – Moisture Infused Pork retains moisture, even if overcooked, resulting in a more tender “mouth feel”

Holding Quality – M.I Pork is supplied in portion controlled or whole muscles depending on preference, ready for use.

Convenience – M.I Pork is supplied in portion controlled or whole muscles depending on preference, ready for use.

High Quality Meat – M.I Pork is prepared only from high quality Pork, developed by premier suppliers under specialised brands.

Appearance – M.I Pork looks identical to regular Pork – it’s appearance is juicy and moist.


  • M.I Pork can be cooked the same as for other pork.
  • However, even if overcooked, infused pork will retain moisture
  • It is recommended that all pork products should be cooked on medium heat to a safe internal temperature. Ideally, a thermometer is recommended to measure that the internal temperature of the pork reaches 71°C.
  • When cooked to 71°C, there may be faint pink blush internally with the meat very juicy.
  • Storage and freezing of M.I Pork should remain the same as other fresh pork.

Sodium (Salt)

  • The nutritional profile of M.I Pork is similar to other fresh, lean pork, with the exception of the addition of sodium and phosphate.
  • The sodium content in M.I Pork makes it a “moderate sodium” food and is very comparable to other foods.
  • In Food Service, we recommend that chef consider the level of additional salt they may add in cooking and preparation.

M.I Pork Is High Quality

  • One misconception is that only “low quality” Pork is infused.
  • The process of infusion works best with good quality meat. M.I will not improve poor quality Pork or Pork of incorrect pH.
  • As Moisture Infusion requires specialised processing, Australian Pork has issued a Quality Assurance Manual covering processing and food safety standards
  • A Certified Trustmark has been developed to identify products from processors who are licensed as complying with Quality Assurance standards for M.I Pork.
  • This Trustmark is not able to bused for unlicensed product.

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