Portland Beef

CWB The House of Quality Meat are now supplying their beef graded to specific standards under the name of Portland Beef. The brand Portland Beef is produced from Australian cattle derived from British breeds and their crosses, specifically for CWB The House of Quality Meat which have exclusive rights to market the product and brand on the Victorian domestic market.

Portland Beef Portion Control

Renown for its superior lunch green pastures, its fresh natural environment and it’s large number of Australia’s best bred cattle, the southern grazing pastures of Australia and Portland Beef will deliver you the highest quality pasture fed beef unequalled in Australia. Regarded for it’s meat quality, consistency, freshness and safety through selective grading, livestock purchasing and on plant Quality Assurance Procedures.

CWB also supplies the domestic market with MSA (Meat Standards Australia ) products under the name of CWB Gold with the same grading system and specifications.

The Cattle is raised on green grazing up to the last 120 days when it is purely fed on grain.

Purchasing the majority of cattle direct from farm, supply of quality cattle is assured. Recongnising the importance of constant supply 12 Months of the year.

Quality Assurance

Supplying the highest quality require the best in quality assurance CWB The House of Quality Meat operate a quality assurance program approved under section 10 of the Meat Industry Act 1993. Under supervision of our quality assurance officer, we ensure product of the highest quality standards only.

Ausmeat chiller assessment is used to grade the meat quality to strict meat colour and fat colour standards. Using fully trained Ausmeat assessors, the assessment is on the internal cut surface of the Rib Eye muscle separated at the 10th and 11th Rib. Assessment is a Carcass Assessment.